Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trigger Day - Again!

I had what I thought would be my last ultrasound and blood work before retrieval on Monday morning (day 8).  On both the prior cycles, we had several dominant large follicles, so they wanted to go ahead and trigger for a Wednesday retreival.  But this time we only have one larger one, and several smaller ones that are still growing.

So rather than trigger Monday, we continued our stimulation and ganirelix shots that night, and went in again this morning for another ultrasound.  Got the call this afternoon that we are good to go for a Thursday retreival!

We are triggering with Lupron instead of hcg.  That means nothing to most people (and doesn't mean much to us yet), but I have to take one shot at exactly 8pm tonight and another at exactly 8am tomorrow.  We then do the retrieval first thing Thursday morning at 8am.

My progesterone has stayed where it needed as well, so assuming that we have some embryos, we should be fine to transfer next Tuesday. 

I told T that I'm finally ready to be excited.  It's taken awhile, and I seem to have gone a little crazy with home remodeling projects in order to take my mind of this process.  But I'm ready to put the IVF hat back on and unabashedly hope and pray for some good news this time. 

My mom was here last weekend and helped a bit with the naming of our embryos.  I'm not ready to give up those names yet (let's at least wait for the embies to come to fruition), but let's just say they are a bro and a sis that are beloved by all.  And are propped by a great force :)

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