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This blog is meant to be fairly anonymous, even though I have several friends/family "in real life" that read it.  But I know for those stumbling across this as part of your own IVF or adoption journey, it helps to know and relate to the blogger.  So here are some key facts :)

T and I live in a mid-sized city in the Midwest. He is 33 34 35 36 and I am 31 32 33 34. He is from here and I moved here in 2002.  We even work for the same company, a financial services firm.  We are self-proclaimed geeks, and LOVE movies, music, books, pop culture, travel, fun internet gifs, and pretty much anything that will make us laugh out loud (although I hate writing "lol").  We are those annoying people that do believe God has a plan and everything happens for a reason.

Until our placement is final, you can see our adoption profile here:  http://www.americanadoptions.com/family_profile/index/fp_id/39654

T has a lovely teen daughter from his first marriage who is simultaneously the light of our life and the bane of our existence (due to said teen age).  She is actively aware of our infertility and adoption.

We also have a wonderful pup that we call our "moose" who is my absolute baby.

We both do well in our jobs, but are out-of-pocket for our cycles, so we do comment on the money stresses sometimes.  We really like wine and beer (and whiskey) so we comment on that most times :)

Let me know if there is anything else you want to hear about on the blog!

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