Wednesday, April 24, 2013

May the Force be with us

Meet Luke and Leia!!

Of course, I'm overanalyzing, and I don't think these blastocysts look as good as Artie and Herkie from our first round (I can't really compare to the frozen transfer, since those were still thawing).  But, of course, that first round was a big fat failure, so different is good, right?

Unfortunately, no other embryos survived, so we don't have any frozen.  I guess that means that we are destined to have twins with this round.  (Don't mind me, that's just my optimism peeking through).

So, again, we wait.  And wait.  And hope for a second pink line.  And wait.  And wait.  And hope for a heartbeat.  (There's my optimism again assuming it's not the end of the road at the wait for the pink line!)

In the meantime, bed rest sucks.  I'm so bored.  I'm watching this pretty horrible movie right now called What's Your Number.  Despite the proliferation of random actors I love in this movie (Eliza Coupe, anyone?!?!), it's just bad.  Must find something better.

One benefit of being on bed rest is having T taking over the cooking.  For some background, I LOVE to cook.  I love to try new things, and experiment with new ingredients.  In general, making dinner is my favorite time of the day.  T helps when I ask and we drink wine and talk about our day.  Then he always cleans up.  It's a match made in heaven.  However, I never said I was a good cook.  I burn things, set off smoke detectors, throw stuff out for a sandwich instead. It is sure fun trying, though.

That being said, I love when T takes over, especially when it is recipes that I specifically request.  He rocked it yesterday -- made some baked salmon with a pea, pancetta, shallot orzo on the side.  It was deliciously good and I can't wait for leftover orzo for lunch today.  Maybe bed rest isn't so bad after all :)

Oh, I so want this to be our time.  Please let it be our time.  Jedi knights seem to have that way about them.

Edit:  Chris Evans is now in his underwear in the movie.  That's not so bad!  :)


  1. Hugs! Here from ICLW and I hope that your little Jedi knights are the droids you are looking for. I've seen that movie and agree it it quite bad. But your husband sounds like an amazing cook so i would milk that for all you can. Best wishes on this cycle!

  2. Hi there! I'm from ICLW too. Good luck to you!!!! :)

  3. Here from ICLW! I hope that this time is your time. I have high hopes for Luke and Leia!


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