Friday, April 26, 2013


Go faster, go faster!  Time is moving sooooo sloooooowwwwlllllly right now.   I want it to be beta day (which I've decided will go fabulously).  I want it to be ultrasound day (where we'll see two lovely heartbeats.  It's the truth).  I want it to be the day my bellybutton pops.  I want it to be the day our little Jedis are born.  I want it to be the day they first walk.  I want it so badly.

But that's not today.  Today is three days past my five-day transfer, and nada is happening.  I felt nauseous after leaving a team lunch yesterday, and T swears that is a sign of implantation (because he read it somewhere at some point on the interwebs, so it must be true).  I have a burning pinching feeling in my lower abdomen off and on.  In reality, though, this is all overanalyzing - what I do best! - and hopefulness, because we simply can't know anything this early.

Instead of Jedis, I'll concentrate on what should be a wonderful weekend.  Spring is FINALLY here.  And per usual, we'll probably scootch right into summer after about 5 days of spring.  We are grilling tonight, which is my favorite. I've learned that I love so many things grilled once we finally got a real grill at our new house.  Peaches? YUM!!  Cabbage?  Yes, please.  This is the year we will try a pizza. 

Our stepdaughter may have a sleepover tomorrow night as well, so there is a possibility we'll have 3 preteens giggling in our basement all night.  That's birth control right there.  Babies don't grow up to teenagers, do they?  I may have changed  my mind on all this.... :)

T's and my two-year anniversary is on Monday.  I sure hope we look back on that day next year with complete joy as our Jedis are spitting up all over us and screaming.  That sounds just wonderful.


  1. I popped over for ICLW, but I love what I've read and am looking forward to following your journey. Though, of course, I'm hoping for you that it comes to a quick end with a BFP, strong heartbeat(s), and baby(ies) in 9 months or so. And I love your optimism! Can you please spread a little of that around? :)

  2. happy anniversary girlie! Been thinking of you and your embabies. Glad you had a great transfer. Stick babies stick!


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