Friday, May 3, 2013

10dp5dt or 4w1d pregnant!

I am safely outside of my freak zone now.  Well, maybe not all the way out.  But I'm definitely peeking outside the zone, with firm plans to completely step outside.  Where am I stepping to, you ask?  Well, obviously another freak zone.  But it is a completely different one, so I call that progress.

My test lines have definitely been darker throughout the week.  Not a steady progression like the first time.  More of a stair step approach, with no change for a bit and then bam!  Three shades darker the next day.  So I do feel like I'm safely past the chemical pregnancy concern.  Once we have the beta blood test this weekend, I'll move fully into praying for healthy heartbeats in about 2 1/2 weeks.

(Side note:  isn't that still amazing?  I'm barely pregnant.  And in only 2ish weeks, the heart(s) should be pumping away.  I'm still in awe, and hope that I get to fully experience it this time).

Another positive sign is that my pregnancy symptoms are already stronger than they ever were last time.  I have nausea every day.  The worst was yesterday after dinner.  I had no problems throughout the day, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks after dinner.  I don't actually throw up, but am super gaggy and just generally ill at ease.  It has already  kicked in this morning too, so I think I'll certainly be graduating to full all-day discomfort in the next couple weeks.   I LOVE IT! For now.

I did tell T that I do reserve the right to be miserable sometimes.  I'm not delusional enough to think that everything in pregnancy will be unicorns and rainbows just because I wanted it badly.  I'll still be uncomfortable and icky, and I get to complain about it if I want.  That won't mean I don't want to be pregnant.  It will just mean that I want that particular phase to slightly shorten itself.  Because no one smiles while they are vomiting.  (If you do, you are just plain weird.  Share your secrets with me).


  1. Congrats!! What exciting news, and happy belated anniversary! We just had our 2 year in April as well!


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