Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A normal day for me (5w5d)

Here is my standard day for the last several days:

Start to wake up.  Don't feel boobs hurting.  Turn over on stomach and they start to hurt, so then I smile and get up.  Take shower and concentrate really hard to see if I'm nauseous or not.  Usually I'm not.  Morning sickness, schmorning sickness.  Brush teeth and feel a small wave of nausea.  Stand completely still and will it to stick around versus fade away.  It fades away.  Convince self it was all in head.  Burp about 42 times.

Go to work.  Stand completely still again and push on boobs to see if they are sore.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't.  Spend first hour at work googling applicable day (5w3d, 5w4d, etc) just to see what comes up.  Read that many women have a lull in their symptoms at about 5 1/2 weeks.  Feel better.  Think I have a brief wave of nausea.  Feel better again.  Eat lunch.  No nausea after lunch.  Feel worse.  Want to cry.  Google again.

Drive home.  Am super nauseous and gaggy in car.  Am very suspicious of said nausea and decide it is fake.  Want to cry.  Burp constantly on way home.

Get home.  Lovely husband asks about day and wants to give me hugs.  Push him away and tell him to stop talking to me.  Completely irritable.  Husband laughs and reminds me that irritability and mood swings are a symptom (I love husband that can just laugh at my meanness).  Make dinner.  Boobs hurt.  Smile. 

Go to sleep (usually early).  Do it all again the next day.

This morning I had a bloody nose.  Supposedly that is a symptom.  I think I feel nauseous.  Google 5w5d.  First link is a blog post from a girl describing her normal day.  Steal idea from her. 

I'm obviously a super fun person this week. 


  1. Super fun or not, your post made me laugh. How familiar all of this sounds! Just remember to take deep breaths and remember that you are still so early in your pregnancy -- you have plenty of time to feel symptoms yet. I know that is little comfort to hear those words, but I had to say them. Thinking of you!

    1. It makes me laugh, too :) Thank you for the nice encouragement!


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