Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day!

"May" the "Fourth" be with our little Jedis.  We were supposed to have our first beta test tomorrow, but ended up going today instead.  How apropos for our Jedi pregnancy to be confirmed on Star Wars day!

And at least one of them is sticking around so far.  Our hcg level was 119!  I told T before going in that my guess was 120, so I feel like I deserve some sort of prize.  I'll take a baby in about 36 weeks?  That seems fair.

For comparison, our hcg level last time was 274, but was (1) taken one day later and (2) I think this pregnancy "started" about 1-2 days later than last time.  And again, we know how last time turned out.  The doctor's office was very happy with the 119, so we will be too!

We go back on Monday for the second test to ensure the number is rising the way it should.  Assuming that is the case, our ultrasound will be two weeks after that.  And so the more tortuous two week wait almost begins.  I pray every single day for us to hear a heartbeat that day.

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