Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mishmash and Activation Eve

First things first.  Champagne is being drunk tonight.  Mostly because we have Cam tonight and won't see her again until next week - and we go active tomorrow!!!  (We got this non-alcoholic sparkling wine for Cam.  Not sparkling grape juice mind you, but champagne with the alcohol removed.  I'll report back tomorrow on whether it is decent).

Our day ended today with T and I taking out a very large cashier's check at our bank, and initialing and signing a 25 page activation agreement with a notary public.  It was stuck in an overnight FedEx envelope, and the agency should receive by 10:30am tomorrow.  At that point, our website goes live and we are active, baby!  Yippee!!!!!!!!

Other things going on:

I finally had my annual appointment at my ob/gyn today that I've rescheduled about 10 times since December.  Pretty uneventful, even though I still haven't had a period since my miscarriage in May.  They said to give it another couple weeks.  The hard part came when I was filling out the check-in form, that will always and forever ask me:  How many pregnancies have you had?  How many live births?  How many currently living children?  Writing out "two" pregnancies and "zero" live births was tough.  Especially as these super round fat pregnant gals were sitting all around me.  Then realizing that for this purpose, will I ever say I have currently living children?  Given they didn't come out my hoo-hah, which would be what is relevant for the ob/gyn?

T and I have started to pick out the items we will need before the match occurs.  T is one that thinks the only store that exists anywhere is Amazon, so basically if it isn't on Amazon, he questions the legitimacy of whatever item it is.  We need a diaper bag and portable changing pad, a car seat, probably some sort of stroller (unless we just like sitting in our hotel), some clothes, and something for the baby to sleep in the hotel.

The last one we struggled with, so definitely welcome suggestions.  I think we are leaning towards a pack and play, since we'd want one eventually anyway, but are those good for newborns?  Do we need something more compact for her or him to sleep in?  All the choices are so confusing.  Our Amazon cart is already over $500, and we're not talking furniture or toys, or diapers, or formula or anything yet.  I feel so unbelievably poor right now.  I get a little annoyed that most people would have baby showers for a lot of this stuff.  (And yes, I know there are people that would actually throw me a baby shower at this point, but I don't feel comfortable doing it.  Likely after we are home with the baby for awhile...then we can celebrate with older baby stuff!).  But if any friends want to do cheap & easy entertaining nights with us for awhile, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Lastly, T and I decided to forgo anonymity for a little while, and we'll share our online profile when it is live!  While we'd have to pay a change fee for any changes at this point, I will totally welcome feedback!  Would you let us raise your child if you could not?!?


  1. so exciting! congrats in going live!!

  2. This is so exciting! I just have a feeling that a match is going to happen quickly!

  3. I have an amazon addiction!!! love it!

  4. Congrats on going live! So exciting!

    We flew cross country & lived in a hotel for 9 days after our daughter was born. We considered a pack n play until we went in the store and lifted one. The thought of traveling with that, a car seat, and everything else we needed seemed overwhelming. We ended up getting a portable bassinet ( and our daughter slept in it in between us. We co-slept this way until she was 7-months old, but as far as traveling goes this thing worked great! We put it in her car seat and put her car seat in a travel bag that we checked at the gate. Strollers & car seats check for free. We didn't know that.

    We didn't take a stroller along either. Too much stuff. ;) Taking her out in the car seat worked just fine as most places have shopping carts and really you won't be out for lengthy excursions. Also, newborns in car seats are pretty light. We also took along a baby carrier for outings as well as for hiding her from germ infested plane passengers. LOL. I used a Moby wrap, which I ended up hating and replacing with a baby Bjorn. The carriers were so good for bonding & keeping her close. She still loves being in one now at 16-months (now an Ergo Sport though since she is bigger).

    Most diaper bags come with a changing pad. We made a makeshift one with towels and blankets on a small dresser at our hotel. Always happy to answer questions if you have more. I know how overwhelming this stuff can be!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is so amazingly helpful!!


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