Thursday, August 1, 2013

Live from Iowa!

No video yet, but that should be coming.

We are active!!!

(Hopefully this link won't work for very long, since they'll remove it once we are matched!)


  1. Looks awesome! Congrats! I'm a born and raised 'husker who transplanted to SoCal 14 years ago. ;). I won't hold Iowa against you. LOL. Midwest roots are the best!

  2. I'm so excited for you, it looks amazing! I'm happy to have a face and a name to put to the writer (you're beautiful by the way!) but I'll try to remember to call you by your blogger name :-)

    Your video made me tear up and your pictures are great. Any child that is placed with you would be lucky to have you guys for parents. I can't wait until the day your profile is taken down!

    1. Thank you! That was a lovely comment :)

  3. Looks amazing!! I hope you guys have success soon. It i wonderful to finally get to see your beautiful family.


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