Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello to the ICLW folks!  We just finished up our text for our adoption profile with our agency, and one thing I forgot was our "Favorites".  This is a fun exercise, and apparently a part of the profile that the birth mothers like the most.  Anyway, what better way to get to know us than our favorites?

Hopefully we aren't too weird :)


  1. So fun! Now i want to get my husband and I to do this just because!

  2. I love how his favorite tradition is making Saturday morning egg breakfast and yours is eating Saturday morning egg breakfast.

    I love your answers to so many of these questions. Your husband gets kudos for liking the Hitchhiker's Guild to the Galaxy and I love me some sour patch watermelons. Just by looking at your answers, it looks like you two are going to be kick ass parents.

    1. Thanks! I certainly hope someone else thinks that as well :)

  3. I have been meaning to reply to you all week! You live in Iowa?! I live in Iowa! Where in Iowa? Email me!

  4. Hello from ICLW - love the chart! I feel like I know you two so well already. Best wishes! :)

  5. I grew up with He-Man! Awesomest ever!

    It is easy to see why Birth mums like this part. It really reveals the IPs personality.

  6. Here from ICLW! What a great chart...I had lots of fun reading it! You too are so funny and cute, a birth mom has got to love it! Best of luck in your journey!!!!

  7. Here from ICLW. I loved your "tradition". Made me giggle. There is nothing better than Saturday morning breakfast!



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