Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Retrieval Update

A pretty short message this time as the retrieval was fairly non-eventful.  Unlike our craziness of the first cycle!

We got 9 eggs.  I'm pretty neutral on that.  Definitely better than the 6 eggs from last time, but I was aching to get in that double digit camp.  The number is fairly meaningless until tomorrow though.  That is when we'll find out how many were mature and fertilized, which will be some number less than 9.  I'm hoping and praying for 6.

The results tomorrow will help the doctor decide between our options for transfer.  He didn't give specifics, like X scenario = transfer, Y scenario = no transfer.  But the fertilized eggs will help him make the decision.  He'll be deciding between a 3 day transfer (on Saturday), a 5 day transfer (on Monday) or a "freeze all" option. 

The weird thing is that I'm been categorized as "at risk" for OHSS, which is when your ovaries are too hyperstimulated.  Normally that is associated with people who get some crazy egg count, like 20+.  So, per usual, my body doesn't react normally.  I have to have a high sodium diet over the next couple weeks, monitor my weight gain (> 3 lbs in a day would be bad), and generally watch my health.  Fingers crossed nothing happens there!

So more to come when we find out tomorrow...

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  1. Congrats on 9! Praying for great news tomorrow and the ability to move forward with transfer. It's weird, but I also had what seemed to be low grade OHSS with only 8 eggs. I think it is different for everyone!


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