Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 3 of Stims

T and I went this morning for my first bloodwork and ultrasound since stimming.  Like last time, I'm coming roaring out of the gate, which makes me nervous, as we want things to be consistent growth through retrieval.  I had about three measurable follicles on my left side, and about 5 or so on the right, along with smaller ones.  They don't do a lot of specific measurements and counts on day 3.  My estrogen level was 398.  Generally they like less than 100 at this point, but last cycle it was in the 500s, so I think generally we are better?  Especially since my dosages were actually higher to start.

Either way, they cut both my stimulation drugs down by a 1/3.  That's good news to my belly, as lower dosages hurt less. 

So that's that.  We go back on Friday and take it from there!

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