Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The seven-year (or in reality 21 day) itch

This blog gets about 30-40 hits a day.  That's actually pretty crazy to me.  I'm fairly certain I do not have 40 friends - or at least 40 friends that would read my rants on a daily basis.  Therefore, it must be people checking multiple times per day or to people who don't know who I am.  To either of which, I say welcome!  Stalkers and strangers alike!

The blog itself is still a weird concept to me.  At its core, it is a very vain and self-absorbed undertaking.  It's all me me me, all the time.  It's not like I can carry on a conversation with you.  Me:  "How are you doing today?".  Silence.  Me:  "Let's hear about you, what is going on?"  Silence.  Me:  "Okay, nothing then?  Back to me in that case!"

I don't think of myself as a self-absorbed person.  Although, I could be completely wrong, and my husband may gently point out tonight that I am, in fact, a selfish shrew.  Which I'm sorry if that's true!  But generally, I don't feel that way, so it is kind of strange to take time every once in awhile to say, "I really need to blog that.  Because EVERYONE will want to know."  Oh, well.  You do keep reading, and you must have figured out at this point that the blog is about me.  Sorry if you were looking for actual recipes on a cooking blog.  I'll have to add some recipes some time.

Anyway, here's the latest:

My APD is in high gear.  I started my cycle last Friday, so theoretically I shouldn't have any issues (as it flares before my period in the latter half of my cycle).  I started my birth control pill that kicks off the IVF cycle, so I even thought I'd get to miss it entirely.  I'm not fully sure how BCPs work, but I don't think you ovulate on them -- and therefore, my body wouldn't produce progesterone.  So when I was crying myself to sleep the other day, for a brief moment, I thought I was pregnant.  That my period was a fake-out, and my progesterone kept increasing to support my newly implanted embryo.  On an entirely natural cycle.  Reality set in pretty quickly, and it dawned on me to check what was actually in my birth control pill.  You guessed it -- estrogen and progesterone.  Duh.  So now I get 21 days of hell.

I was able to go back to the allergist today since her initial treatment really wasn't helping.  She's now prescribed me this super concentrated Benadryl-type stuff.  I'll try that tonight and hopefully get this crap under control in the next couple days.  My super husband also ordered me these seemingly awesome booties that have various inserts for ice packs.  Icing my feet while I sleep has helped immensely, but I never had a good way to really hit the right places and keep it iced.  I'm super excited for these!  And, of course, they are very sexy:

Good thing getting pregnant naturally doesn't work anyway.  Not sure my husband would be interested right now.

The only other major thing is that I have my endometrial biopsy tomorrow.  Hopefully, they scratch me a little spot for my upcoming embryos to nestle in nicely.  And, I'm an officially old lady with a 7-day, AM/PM pill box to keep track of my medications -- which will be TWELVE a day here shortly. 

Injections start the first weekend of October.  It is going to go by so fast!

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