Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strength in numbers

On somewhat of a whim, tonight I attended a fertility "peer group" that my acupuncturist puts on monthly.  I really didn't know what to expect, but I met a group of lovely gals that are in various stages of infertility issues.  A couple were pregnant and able to tell stories on how they "got there", a few were just starting out, and a couple, like me, were in the midst of cycling for IVF.  I read different message boards a lot on the interwebs, along with blogs that I've stumbled upon.  And while those are comforting, it definitely was very nice to hear the stories of others live in person.

I have a horrible confession.  Sometimes when I hear that other people have an IVF failure, it makes me feel better.  Not happy, but a little relieved.   I just don't feel so alone, as it seems like it happens on the first try for EVERYONE online.   But I really would be very disappointed if it doesn't work out for the gals tonight. 

T and I are currently antibiotic-ing (totally a word).  He has two pills a day and I have four.  They totally make you sick and gassy, and just generally not enjoying life.  It is pretty sad that I can't wait until we start stimming, as I can't wait to not take this crap anymore.  On the good side, one of my other pills is my new allergy medication for the APD - and it works phenomenally.  It totally knocks me out, so it is very much a night time drug.  But as long as I take right before bed, I'm golden.

So the pill rundown for this week:

Baby aspirin:  standard protocol for my RE.  Helps thicken the lining for some nice burrowing embies.
Prenatal vitamin:  Helps for a healthy body and hopefully a healthy pregnancy
Extra folic acid:  'Cause everyone likes healthy fetal poles
Zyrtec:  This OTC allergy pill can get me through the daytime which is not usually as bad as the night
Flagyl:  A chalky, crazy icky antibiotic pill that is always hard to swallow.  Leaves a horrible taste in my mouth all through the day.  I have to take this sucker twice daily :(
Doxycycline:   Another antibotic that is a killer in disguise.  It pretends to be all pretty and easy to swallow.  But underneath that turquoise smooth exterior is a pill that wreaks havoc on my stomach.  Last IVF, I didn't eat enough one morning and was puking my guts out in the deli next to the elevators at work one morning.  Lesson learned.  Face now stuffed.
Hydroxyzine:  The magic wonder pill for my itchy feet
Birth control pill:  The trusty tool to any infertile.  Makes no sense, I know.  I get it , but I still just feel so counterproductive every time I take it. 

That's about it for the week.  T is so happy to be back on the bicycle, and is participating in his first cyclocross race this weekend (maybe - he's not sure yet).  I'm pretty excited for him, as long as he doesn't go breaking every bone in his body.  That seems like it would halt our IVF proceedings a bit.  After the IVF though, you know, whatever happens, happens :)

My husband saw me typing and just asked "is it going to be a good post?".  I wasn't sure what constituted a good post, and he said the ones that I say what a keeper he is.  So I guess this won't be a good one :)

(just kidding.  I was reminded at my peer group tonight what a fantastic husband and partner I have.  This whole fertility thing is truly a team undertaking.  Go team go!)

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