Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big girls don't cry

Well, we all know that big girls do cry.  And I think especially during infertility, when your body is raging with hormones at even given point, crying is even expected.  So I don't feel so bad for my breakdown last Friday, but it definitely consisted of full-out bawling at work.

When we had last met with the doc, he counted everything out from my expected first day of my cycle and proclaimed us good.  He was heading off to a conference in late October, but assured us we would finish our cycle before he left.

Therefore, when my cycle started the exact day I expected (last Friday), I happily called the nurses to let them know and request my calendar for the remaining 5-6 weeks.  I missed the call back since I was in a meeting, but she nonchalantly tells me in a message that I couldn't do my cycle this month, because it conflicted with the conference.  She told me to just wait until next month.  Um, this was NOT going to fly.  While even having to wait a month was going to set me on edge, waiting until mid-October to start would mean the retrieval or transfer would fall right in Thanksgiving week.  We already have plans to fly to Texas for the week and spend with T's father and his wife in a rented house on the beach in Galveston.  We haven't seen them since we got married, so this was not something we wanted to cancel.  I then figured out the next cycle would also be a no go - it would be Christmas.  The tears started to roll. 

After finally being able to connect with the head nurse, I blubbered about how stressed I was and how I can't wait three months, and we had to do in 2012 for tax purposes, and this whole thing was driving me crazy, and, and, and...I finally shut up long enough for her to tell me that she would try to figure something out.  Apparently, the doctor wasn't wrong, it was just that the week prior to the conference was already "full". 

Fast forward several hours, and T and I are leaving work to head up to Minneapolis for a getaway weekend.  She finally calls back and lets me know that the other doctor at the clinic agreed to do my transfer, which I'm actually excited about.  He's supposed to be really good and I know lots of people had success with him.  I honestly could feel the stress leave my body upon this news.  We are moving forward!

So our retrieval should be on or around October 17th and our transfer would then be on or around October 22nd.  Ideally we should know our fate by Halloween.  Here we go again!

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