Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, that sucks

We are not pregnant.

We've been suspecting that result since about Sunday/Monday when I was still testing negative on the home pregnancy tests.  Technically, it could have just been too early (and doctors are NOT fans of the HPTs for this reason during IVF), but one couldn't argue with the stark white result window of a First Response Early Result test (of which we purchased nine to use over several days).

I pretty much resigned myself to the fact it was all a bust after the last BFN (big fat negative) on Tuesday, and said I wouldn't take any more tests until my official one on Saturday.  T and I made a plan to go out for a nice dinner on Saturday.  We could either get shockingly good news and celebrate, or they could confirm our suspicions and we'd order a nice bottle of wine, with plans to finish off a second, third and fourth bottle at home.

Then my lovely period started this morning.  It is actually unusual for it to start during IVF because I'm on progesterone and estrogen, which should "trick" my body into thinking it is pregnant.  Normal protocol is for the blood test to come back negative, then the doctor has you stop all the drugs.  Periods then come a few days after that.  But, of course, I go buck the norm and end everything earlier than expected.  The doctor had me come in for a blood test mid-morning to get full confirmation, and my beta (measure of the hcg pregnancy hormone) was a nice round zero.  I at least got my wish for the wait for results to not be so long.

So, here we are.  Definitely worn out, definitely a lot poorer, and definitely appreciating each other, T's daughter, and our furbaby.  We're working on scheduling our "WTF" appointment (one of the acronyms set in the IVF world -- T had no problems figuring out what that one meant) with the doctor in the next couple weeks.  He is, of course, testing my progesterone and estrogen levels to see if that was an issue.  We won't know much more until meeting with him -- and I'd actually be surprised if we really learn anything there, but we shall see.  

T and I are more of a"birds of a feather" couple, than "opposites attract", and both of us find solace in action and plans, rather than wallowing in self-pity.  Therefore, we're laying the groundwork for another IVF cycle and we're not sure yet if it will be again here in the US or perhaps abroad.  Stay tuned...

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