Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm a stimmin machine

We had a bit of a worry after the Friday morning appointment.  Even after cutting down on my Repronex, my follicles were still larger than desired at that point, and my E2 level was up to about 1200 (looking for about 400 at that time).  The docs cut down on my Follistism, so at this point all three drugs I've been taking were cut by half.

Normally, my next appointment would have been on Monday, but the clinic wanted me to come back on Sunday morning, so they could check on me sooner.  So while I was worried through Friday and Saturday that my cycle would be cancelled, I was definitely happy that the clinic was on top of things.  Obviously that is their job, but it is nice to know that you are being well-monitored through this whole process.

So I got to take my sweatpants-garbed self to the doctor at 10am today -- and the doc was pretty happy with what he saw!  I don't have a huge quantity of follicles (we're looking at about 9 right now), but they are the sizes they should be at this point in the cycle.  He still had to see how my blood work came back, but said he expected no changes or issues, and they would likely trigger me tomorrow!

The retrieval occurs 35 hours after trigger, so the likely scenario is taking the trigger shot tomorrow night (Monday) and then doing the retrieval on Wednesday morning.  The embryo transfer (putting the eggs back) takes place five days later, so Monday morning I'd be back and ready for some babies.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning, so we'll the know definitive schedule at that point.  Fingers crossed for a smooth week!

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