Thursday, January 17, 2013

The obligatory numbers post

Every blog related to infertility/IVF seems to have one of these, so I figured I should throw one out there.  It is both comforting and horrifying to see the numbers in print, but given that this is a huge part of our lives now --- here it is, in desending order, for better or for worse!

Money spent on infertility:  This one is too scary to put down, even though I have a handy excel spreadsheet that summarizes every dollar given to our clinic, our main pharmacy, my therapist, my acupuncturist, and my allergist. I didn't count the ridiculous amounts spent on pregnancy tests that showed countless negatives, how much wine was consumed purely to numb our emotions sometimes, or the multitude of over-the-counter vitamins and drugs I purchased.  So let's just say that it is very safely into 5 digits, but at least doesn't quite round up to 6 digits.

days trying to get pregnant (through the day of transfer):  741

subcutaneous shots (in the belly):  103

negative pregnancy tests:  approximately 72

allergy pills taken:  70

acupuncture visits:  21

intramuscular shots (in the butt):  19 (and counting!)

ridiculously cold and slimy transvaginal ultrasounds:  17

eggs retrieved through both retrievals:  15

dates T had with his plastic cup "Sally":  12

shots given in a bar/restaurant/or otherwise not in comfort of own home:  12

times we cried hysterically and washed it down with bottle(s) of wine:  8 (at least)

Xs drawn on my ass with permanent marker:  8

embryos created:  5

embryos frozen:  2

number of champagne bottles purchased for celebration (with a corresponding sparkling grape juice bottle):  2

number of champagne bottles turned into mimosas after a full-on negative result:  1

number of positive pregnancy tests that weren't positive pregnancy tests:  1 - I had to take one right after my last retreival just to see a positive.  It was because my trigger shot had the hcg hormone in it.  I had not even transferred anything yet!

And we're not done yet!  Hopefully we'll have a nice high juicy beta number to add to the list after we get our blood results next week!  Fingers crossed!


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