Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You think I'd be used to crying.  It has happened so many times through this process.  Certainly from being in the depths of despair, but also when feeling the highest of highs. Crying is such a release; it takes all that pent-up emotion and just exports it out of your body, so you can start fresh.  When you cry, you begin the process of getting back to your true self.

I remember crying when I started my period after my first IVF, losing Artie and Herkie forever.

I cried when I had my first anniversary with my husband and reflected on how lucky I was.

I definitely shed tears after our first IUI, the one that had no chance of being successful and wasn't -- but we really honestly thought it was the one.

I cried when my second IVF transfer was canceled, even though I knew we were doing the right thing to give Link and Zelda a fighting chance.

I imagine if someone were to watch me cry.  For some of the above, I imagine my cries would make them as devastated as I was.  Other times, they may be trying to be empathetic, but actually biting their lip to hold back laughter in how crazy I looked.

Crying isn't all bad.  This video is absolutely one of my favorite ones on You Tube right now.  (It's less than 3 minutes and definitely safe for work, so give it a whirl)  This girl knows that crying can reflect on something good:

Her crying is very similar to mine when I saw this in the morning only 5 days after our transfer on January 16th:

It's light, but it is there!  It only got darker each day.

And maybe it was a bit more exaggerated and comical when we were able to send this picture to my parents as a complete surprise that same night:

Note the drinks of choice for each of us :)

And it was truly the best cry ever when I got back my beta today.  274!  The median for a single pregnancy at this point is 299, so we are right there (and looking like one baby rather than two)...but we'll see!

We are having a baby/babies!!!!!


  1. Omg....To add to the topic of you post. ...I read this and got all teary and then watched the video clip and was smiling so big with teary eyes! Such a sweet sweet video and such an amazing moment for you guys.

  2. PS...I'm posting this video on Facebook...! :)

  3. C -- I am so so so thrilled for you! I can't wait to give you a hug in person! I just had a feeling you were going to get a strong positive! Take good care of yourself over the next 2 weeks -- waiting for that first ultrasound can seem like forever!


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