Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finally an update

Yep, I'm still here.

While I was fairly antsy to get this whole process started again, it was really nice to just take a break from drugs and pokes and worry for several weeks.  We were able to concentrate on each other, family, and the furbaby.

But easy time is over, because our frozen cycle is now underway!

I start shots (just the suppression kind this time) on December 12th.  I do, along with some other estrogen patches and pills that I'm taking now, until January 4th.  At that point, they do a lining check to make sure the uterine environment is looking fine and dandy.  If everything looks good, I start my progesterone shots (the ones in the ass -- yay?) and do the transfer on January 11th!  I can't believe how fast that is going to be here!

I'm pretty excited, if you weren't able to pick that up.  Finally, finally, finally, we'll have an end to this path, one way or another.  It'll be almost a year since we weren't able to hold onto Artie and Herkie, so we certainly hope Link and Zelda can fight to the finish. 

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