Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'm sure everyone does this, but I tend to create elaborate scenarios in my head when I'm thinking about potential situations.  Sometimes they are scary and spiral out of control, like when T is running late and I can't find him on "find my iphone".  I tend to get carried away with thoughts that involve kidnapping by drug runners and  being held captive to use his IT hacking magic to funnel money into secret Swiss accounts.  Then he shows up, running late because he stopped by the store to get some groceries, and the iphone app just wasn't updating.  Life is never as exciting as my daydreams (or daymares as they were).

I did this all the time before we got pregnant.  I wondered how exactly I would see that pregnancy test, how T would see it, how we would communicate to each other. Would it be sunny outside?  Rainy?  Would a certain song be playing (we always have music playing at our house)?  In that case, real life was more awesome than I ever could have dreamed  - until it just wasn't.

So, now, with the wide open space of our potential adoption looming, I think about it all.the.time.  We are supposed to live like normal and not let the adoption stuff overwhelm our thoughts.  Ha!  Not bloody likely.  I googled what to do while waiting for adoption, and the number one recommendation is to "take that big trip" since you won't be able to later.  Except, um, we have no money and need to save our vacation.  So instead I will obsess about different scenarios.

In my head, currently, we are going to be called the week before Thanksgiving* (yes, this would be a pretty fast turnaround, but it is my dream, right?).  The birth mom will have just scheduled an induction because she is overdue, so while the baby isn't born, we'll need to travel right away.  She lives in Oklahoma.  She has no idea what the gender of the baby is.  Our car breaks down on the way, and both T and I forget to pack underwear.  We arrive just as our daughter is born, and it is nothing but magic from there on out.  Everyone gets along famously, and ICPC gets through paperwork fast enough that we're home the day after Thanksgiving.  We live in the awesome cocoon of our new family for the next week together before T goes back to work...but it's only a few short weeks until Christmas.  Merry merry merry Christmas to us. 

A girl can dream, right?

*Edited after the fact.  While I really wasn't correct, we did indeed get called the week before Thanksgiving.  How cool is that?! :)

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  1. I'm like you and let my imagination run wild into daymares. Last night when Keegan was late for meeting me for dinner, I saw an ambulance scream by and automatically thought he had been in some horrible accident. Thankfully he turned up about 10 minutes later.

    I sincerely hope your adoption dream comes true! I'm sure all those people who say to go on that "last big vacation" before adoption haven't had to waste all of their money and vacation time on fertility treatments!


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