Thursday, June 6, 2013

Speed demons

This is all going very fast.  We did not necessarily mean it to go this fast.  Apparently, we are just very efficient.

As noted in a prior post, we did find our agency that we plan to use.  Because they are out of state, we had to find a different agency in-state to do our home study.  We contacted the in-state agency suggested by AA (our overall agency) on Sunday.  Today is Thursday.  They need to visit our house twice.  Apparently that will be Saturday and next Tuesday.  We will have only a couple things outstanding at that point that should just take a week or so.  And then our home study is done.  Something we were told would take months.  Ours should be about 3 weeks max.  CRAZY.

We had to pull together our birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce decrees (unfortunately that is plural), financial statements, insurance statements, house plan (??), and some other miscellaneous documents.  We have to answer some essay questions.  We had electronic fingerprints taken today, and our FBI clearance took all of 10 minutes.  Apparently that is a part that takes forever if you manually send in prints.  The only things that will be outstanding are physicians statements (and our appointments are next week) and our referrals from families and friends.  Those will obviously take however long they take.  And then we are DONE with the home study.

In the meantime, we had to fill out an initial questionnaire with AA.  It detailed all of our requirements for an adoption, down to our comfort with the adoptive parent or extended family having epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and a host of other things.  We have a conference call on Monday to discuss those results with the agency.  Then we have to create our profile and we are finished!

I'm okay with moving forward quickly, but just am shocked at the speed thus far.  I'm guessing something will happen to slow it down, so we will take advantage while we can!

Other weird thing happened today.  T and I got home from work and were standing on our back deck letting the dog out.  We suddenly noticed something odd....our sod had been cut out of our lawn all along the back and side of the house..  Basically, someone cut into the sod for landscaping.  It was a bang-up job and looked great...except we didn't order any landscaping.  We had no idea what to do!  Since it would be expensive to replace the sod ourselves, we figure we'd have to submit to insurance, which normally requires a police report.  So we called the police.  To report that someone stole our lawn.  We at least had the good sense to not call 911.  But the police dispatcher was laughing too hard to even take down Ts information.  So far, the lawn bandit has not been found.  Our neighborhood is dangerous!

Fingers crossed for a great home study this weekend!


  1. I'm happy that the adoption process has been speedy thus far! I hope that you write a post about the home study, it's something I've always been curious about.

    The lawn bandit is so strange! Even though the dispatcher was laughing, did they eventually send someone out there to look at it?

  2. Sorry but Lawn Theft?? Hilarious. That would definitely be annoying but how completely bizarre.

    I am so happy that so far the adoption route is going swiftly and smoothly! Amazing how quickly this is progressing. This is amazing news!!


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