Friday, January 20, 2012

Lupron Shots + Nonalcholic Drinks + Movie = Best Date Night Ever

I realize after my squawking for my calendar, I never updated and said that I did receive right when my nurse returned to the office that week.  As I noted before, hubby and I are packing in the antibiotics this week.  One (2x a day) for him and two (2x a day) for me.  And they seriously make me want to throw up.  I ended up taking the day off work today, because the combination of a nasty cold (for which I can't really take anything) and the pills are just driving me bananas.  So off to the couch to blog I go!

I start the injectible portion of my suppression stage tonight. Earlier this week, my husband sent me the sweetest email that asked me out on a Friday night date to celebrate this step.  The plan was appetizers and "drinks" (I was really looking forward to a flavored lemonade at Cheesecake Factory by the movie theater) and a showing of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which I've heard is romantic comedy? right?).  My miserable head isn't really up for that now, though, so the updated plan is soup, sandwiches and a basement movie.  After the Lupron is locked, loaded and delivered, of course.  Ideally, full out date night will happen tomorrow!

Lupron is a super common drug used in infertility.  Interestingly enough, it started as a drug to treat advanced prostate cancer.  I'm always amazed at how drugs are created for one thing (and work) but all these other uses arise.  But it does make sense -- Lupron essentially slows down the "sex" hormones in both women and men (estrogen and testosterone).  The limitations on testosterone help slow the spread of prostate cancer.  In women, it is common treatment to endometriosis.  And, for my purpose, it puts my little ovaries to sleep.  It can be harmful to a fetus (understandably) which is another reason to be on birth control until the egg retrieval stage actually occurs. 

Of course, there are side effects.  A decrease in estrogen occurs around menopause, so you guessed it -- I get to experience menopause symptoms.  AWESOME!  I LOVE hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and swelling of the ankles and feet.  And if I'm super lucky, I'll get pregnant and get to experience a lot of these again!! 

Anyway, this first shot will be for about 25 days and is subcutaneous (SQ) which basically means it goes in my gut.  It's a fairly simple one too - just withdraw 10 units from the bottle and shoot it up.  I think my intent right now is to have my husband measure it out and for me to give to myself.  Once we graduate to intramuscular shots (i.e. in the ass), he'll have to participate in the actual injection, so I'll let him off the hook for now :)

Things will be pretty quiet until my baseline ultrasound on February 1st.  As long as everything is adequately suppressed at that point, we'll be raring to go into the stimulation stage.  Off we go!

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