Sunday, January 15, 2012

I want a beer!

Besides one glass of wine while out to dinner a few weeks ago, I haven't had a drink in almost a month.  I don't necessarily drink all that much, but once you are told you can't drink, it is really all you think about.  Oh, barley.  Oh, hops.  Oh, you would be so good in my belly.  I'm sure all the pregnant people before me understand my pain!  Although, I suppose in that case you at least have the baby to concentrate on.  If this thing works, I’ll have gone almost a year without alcohol.  My already admirable lack of tolerance will be completely nonexistent at that point.

Of course, my husband is not allowed to really drink either (alcohol or caffeine), save for the random brew here or there, and suffice it to say....he believes that he is the one going through the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.   Anyone who knows my husband is shocked when they find out he has managed this so far.  Not that he’s an alcoholic or anything, but the man definitely appreciates his right to imbibe.

The drinking is especially outlawed this week (although I really am not cheating at all).  One medication I started this week has such a strict no alcohol limitation, that I am not allowed to use mouthwash, antibacterial gel, etc.  I almost used a stout to braise ribs for tonight’s dinner, and decided against that even.  Oh, how much I would like a drop of wine on my lips!

So the new meds this week are all antibiotics, ensuring that neither hubby or I have any infection in our bodies.  So no injections yet (that starts Friday), but between vitamins, aspirin and prescribed drugs, I’m taking 8 pills a day.  I am so prepared to be old now.  I was this close to purchasing one of those plastic pill things that are labeled for each day of the week, but decided that my mind should have enough clarity to count out my pills without that additional help.  Ideally my husband won’t be picking me up off the floor from a folic acid overdose later this week due to this lack of guidance.

Speaking of the lovely dear husband, I did make him one promise that I really had no problem getting behind.  Certainly anyone reading this blog is “in the know” when it comes to our little adventure.  So you’ll obviously know our success before any official announcement.  Or lack of success, which understandably would not be announced widely.  Can you imagine that FB status?  “So bummed that my fertility treatments didn’t work, but on the bright side my belly is full of awesome sushi tonight.  Have a great day!”  (I mean, let’s be clear.  If there is no baby after this, I’m getting drunk and eating sushi until I throw up.  I’ll then have peanut butter and cold meat sandwiches the rest of the week.)

Anyway, no matter the outcome, we’ll keep it to ourselves for a few weeks.  If it was a thumbs up, we’ll want a chance to revel in our happiness, and ensure that it isn’t a fleeting moment that just as easily ends in sadness.  And if it doesn’t work, we’ll understandably want that time to grieve.

But now is the time for optimism – so time to watch the pretties on the Golden Globes and think of the cute maternity clothes I’m going to wear.

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