Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pink and polka dots

Hi there to the ICLW folks this week.   Take a gander at the tabs at the top to learn more about us and how we got here.  Currently, we are in a surreal, scary, awesome, beautiful, nervewracking adoption match with an expectant mom in Florida (we call her "H" on here).  We just got back from meeting her for the first time last weekend.

The baby is most definitely a girl!!

I bought a few outfits in Florida the day we left, and didn't realize until I laid them out that I really do have an affinity for polka dots.  T has asked that I at least add some stripes, argyle or plaid to the mix, and I happily complied -- by buying a crapload from an event on Zulily. 

A girl, a girl, a girl!!

H and I picked the pink and white polka dot shirt/dress out together while we were down there.  She and I also picked out another outfit that H took with her, in case T and I weren't down there in time after the baby's birth.

We had an insanely lovely time while in Florida.  T and I got there late Friday afternoon, and just spent Friday getting acclimated with our surroundings.  We also discovered that, in snowbird land, there are 45-60 minute waits at all restaurants by 5pm.  Something to keep in mind when we go back!

On Saturday morning, we planned to meet H at a local Starbucks in the morning, before getting in the car to go to the ultrasound.  I was so nervous that I was seriously sweating through my shirt before she showed up.  But once she walked in, the relationship we built via email totally fell into place. She and I shared a long hug, T bought us some Starbucks treats, and we chatted a bit before heading out.

The ultrasound was a magical experience, and I know she was happy we were there with her.  Here is a sneak peek of this beautiful little girl.

chubby cheeks!

After the ultrasound, we met the father and the two boys that they already share for lunch.  P (the father) was nervous because he figured we already had all chatted up all morning.  And while true, lunch was still a great time, and their two boys are wonderful (I still won't get into her situation totally on here, but the boys are very young, and she does have other children she is not parenting as well.  Through our discussions, we really do more understand why she is placing her daughter for adoption).

H and I then did our little bit of shopping, while my awesome husband transferred our ultrasound CD to two USB drives to share.  We drove H home to her house, and hugged goodbye.  At that point, T and I happily looked at each other, and said we each needed a beer!

All in all, we spent about 7 hours with H, and a few less with P.  Their were a few awkward moments given the situation, but we can't imagine it going any better.  H wrote us an email later on Sunday that said she and P loved how much we all had in common and everyone seemed to "click".  We agree that in another life, we could have seen us being friends with them regardless of the situation.  

I know that, assuming the placement occurs, H will go through emotional stages where she may not want to remain as close to us as she is today.  And I think we are prepared for that, but plan to always be ready for when she wants more contact.  Open adoption scared the bejeesus out of us at the onset of this "adventure", but I honestly could not imagine any other way now that we know H.

Less than three months until baby girl should join us in the world!


  1. I am so thrilled that the meet up went well. Are you allowed/able to make it down for the birth, or will you receive Baby Girl through the adoption agency? I absolutely LOVE the clothes you picked out, I have a thing for polka dots as well. If you have an Old Navy near you, I've found a few onesies there for $3 or less, some of which have polka dots!

  2. This is so exciting! I am so happy for you guys and glad that you had a great visit!!

  3. Hello from ICLW! This sounds like a really nice meeting and I am so excited for your little girl!

  4. What a beautiful baby girl! So glad you all clicked and that things are progressing well!

  5. How very exciting!! She looks beautiful!! I love those cheeks!

  6. Hi from ICLW. What a wonderful and exciting (and scary!) time for you! Congratulations on your adoption, and I'm glad that you get along well with H and her family.

  7. I can't even imagine how excited and nervous you must feel. I can't wait till she's here and in your arms!

  8. I am so excited for you and T!! yayayayaya!!! 2014 is going to be a great year!

  9. Congrats! So exciting!!! I love love love polka dots AND zulily :) So happy for you!


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